Index of Task/Parasite List
Name ? Categories Site
A.I.S. x XXXcrackXXX, Dialer Spybot-SD
aavc.com x lop.com Hijacker doxdesk
AB System Spy x Commercial Keylogger spywareguide
AB System Spy  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
ABCSearch http://doxdesk.com/parasite/BrowserAid.html
abeb.dll x BHO{2038A287 BHOList
abeb.dll http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/ILookup.html
Absolute Keylogger x Commercial Keylogger spywareguide
Absr.exe ? (?) answersthatwork
AButton.ocx http://doxdesk.com/parasite/XDialer.html
AcBtnMgr_x73.exe l (Jetsoft for Lexmark) answersthatwork
AcBtnMgr_x83.exe l (Jetsoft for Lexmark) answersthatwork
Access Denied u security Pacs
AccessMembre x dialer
AccessPlugin x Adware spywareguide
AccessPlugin  x diallers doxdesk
ACDSee  x Tracks Spybot-SD
AceMoney x Spybot-SD ""
acjp.com x lop.com Hijacker doxdesk
AcMonitor_x73.exe l (Jetsoft for Lexmark) answersthatwork
AcMonitor_x83.exe l (Jetsoft for Lexmark) answersthatwork
Aconti  x Dialer Spybot-SD
Aconti  x Dialer SpywareBlaster
AcroRd32.exe l (Adobe) answersthatwork
AcroTray.exe l (Adobe) answersthatwork
Actbar2.ocx http://doxdesk.com/parasite/CustomToolbar.html
Action Liveshow Showtime  x Dialer Spybot-SD
Actions Monitor  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
Activation.exe l (Microsoft) answersthatwork
Activity Logger x Commercial Keylogger spywareguide
Activity Logger  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
Activity Monitor 2002 x Commercial Keylogger spywareguide
Activity Monitor  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
ActiveStripSetup.dll http://doxdesk.com/parasite/StripPlayer.html
ActualNames x Browser Hijacker spywareguide
ActualNames  x hijacker doxdesk
ACXInstall x Adware spywareguide
ACXInstall  x http://doxdesk.com/parasite/ACXInstall.html
Adaptec Direct CD http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
adaware.exe http://doxdesk.com/parasite/RapidBlaster.html
Adaware Bootup http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AdBreak x Adware spywareguide
AdBreak  x BHO doxdesk
AdBreak  x Spybots Spybot-SD
Adbureau  x Cookies Spybot-SD
Add A Page Note http://doxdesk.com/parasite/CommonName.html
Addrbook.exe l (Novell) answersthatwork
ADGJDET.exe l (Creative Labs) answersthatwork
AdGoblin x Adware@ spywareguide
AdGoblin x Spybot-SD
AdGoblin x Spyware or browser hijacker  SpywareBlaster
adimage.dll x cexx.org
Adobe Gamma Loader.exe l (Adobe) answersthatwork
Adobe Gamma Loader l http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AdPipe x @ cexx.org/
Adroar Adware Downloader SpywareBlaster {fac6
ADService.exe l (Iomega) answersthatwork
AdsInContext x Spyware or browser hijacker SpywareBlaster
AdTools x http://cexx.org/
Adult Center x dialer SpywareBlaster
Adult Content x dialer SpywareBlaster
Adult Content Dialer x Dialer SpywareBlaster
Adult Content Dialer SpywareBlaster {ffff
Adult-Links x Adware@@ spywareguide
Adult_Software.exe http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/lop.html
AdultLinks  x http://doxdesk.com/parasite/AdultLinks.html
Adultoweb x dialer SpywareBlaster
ADUserMon.exe l (Iomega) answersthatwork
Advchk.exe l (Symantec) answersthatwork
AdvertBar  x GetPaid4 AdvertBar, Spybots Spybot-SD
advert.dll x cexx.org
Advertising.com  x Cookies Spybot-SD
AE Covert Operation Monitor  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
AFlooder x@ trojan/spybot SpywareInfoForum
Aess.dll http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/FavoriteMan.html
AffileateCheater x Spyware or browser hijacker SpywareBlaster
AgentSvr.exe l (Microsoft) answersthatwork
AGNTDKQ x n-Case parasite SpywareInfoForum
AGSatellite l (AudioGalaxy) answersthatwork
Agtexe16.exe l (Atomica) answersthatwork
AgtServ.exe l (Atomica) answersthatwork
Ahead Nero Burning Rom  x Tracks Spybot-SD
AHIEHELP u Excite/@Home ISP proxy software BHOList
AHQInit.exe l (Creative Labs) answersthatwork
AHQtb.exe l (Creative Labs) answersthatwork
aimaol.exe http://doxdesk.com/parasite/RapidBlaster.html
'AInst' http://doxdesk.com/parasite/RapidBlaster.html
akamai ISP for ISPs etc.
Alexa x Browser Plugin spywareguide
Alexa Related  x Spybots Spybot-SD
Alexa  x Alexa Toolbar, Spybots Spybot-SD
Alexaie.dll X BHO{D1F6ABEF- BHOList
ALG.exe l (Microsoft) answersthatwork
Allaire Homesite 4  x Tracks Spybot-SD
Allch.dll X BHO{D6FC35D1- BHOList
allch.dll x BHO{765E6B09- BHOList
Allch.IEObj http://doxdesk.com/parasite/AdultLinks.html
AllCyberSearch  x Hijackers Spybot-SD
All-In-One Telcom  x HotActionDating, HotAdultDownload, Dialer Spybot-SD
allhyperlinks.com x cwschronicles
ALogServ.exe l (McAfee) answersthatwork
AlogServEXE http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AlpsPoint http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
Altnet Download Manager SpywareBlaster
altrw2.exe u Yahoo Messenger
ALUNotify.exe l (Symantec) answersthatwork
Alxie328.dll x BHO{6AF9BC61- BHOList
AlxTB.dll x BHO{3DF73DF8- BHOList
Amcis http://doxdesk.com/parasite/ASpam.html
Amcis.dll X BHO{EBBFE27C- BHOList
Amcis.dll X track,Aureate/Radiate SpywareBlaster
amcis.dllE/amcis2.dll x cexx.org
Amcis32.dll x BHO{657B9354- BHOList
anadsc.ocx/anadscb.ocx x cexx.org
Anal-Oral  x Hijackers Spybot-SD
Animation Shop 3  x Tracks Spybot-SD
anvshell http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AOLTray.exe l (AOL) answersthatwork
Aornum x Adware spywareguide
Aornum  x BHO doxdesk
Aornum  x Part of iWon Plus, Spybots Spybot-SD
Aornum.exe l (iWon.com) answersthatwork
Aornumsp.exe/Ornum.exe l (iWon.com) answersthatwork
ApntEx.exe l (Alps Electric Co) answersthatwork
APoint.exe l (Alps)Touchpad software answersthatwork
Apophis x Commercial Keylogger spywareguide
AppServices.exe l (Iomega???) answersthatwork
AppsTraka x Commercial Keylogger@ spywareguide
AppsTraka  x Keyloggers Spybot-SD
AproposMedia  x pop-up adverts doxdesk
Aptezbp.exe l (IBM) answersthatwork
Apuc.dll X BHO{CE31A1F7- BHOList
apuc.dll http://doxdesk.com/parasite/BargainBuddy.html
Apwheel.exe l (Alps) answersthatwork
Ardamax Keylogger x Commercial Keylogger@ spywareguide
Armon32.exe l (Inverse Technologies) answersthatwork
Armon32a.exe l (Inverse Technologies) answersthatwork
ARUpld32.exe l (Visual Networks) answersthatwork
ASDSCSVC.exe l (BrightStor, now part of Computer Associates) answersthatwork
asshuktr.exe http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/lop.html
ASpam x Adware spywareguide
ASpam  x trojan doxdesk
ASpam http://doxdesk.com/parasite/ASpam.html
ASWnk Adult content dialler
ASWnk http://doxdesk.com/parasite/AutoSearch.html
AtHoc  x Spybots Spybot-SD
AtHocTBr.DLL x BHO{001F2470 BHOList
ATI2cwxx.exe/ATI2evxx.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
Ati2cwxx http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
ATI2plxx.exe/ATI2plab.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
ATIevxx.exe/ATIcwd32.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
AtiGart http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
ATIPOLAB http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AtiPTA http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
ATIptaab.exe/ATIKey32.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
ATIPtaxx.exe/AtiSched.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
AtiQiPcl http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
ATITask.exe/ATIX10.exe l (ATI Technologies) answersthatwork
AtomicLog x Commercial Keylogger@ spywareguide
Atrack.exe l (Symantec) answersthatwork
Attune  x Spybots Spybot-SD
Attune_ce.exe l (Aveo Inc) answersthatwork
AudioHQ http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AUagent.exe u Au Agent from Zilab Software Pacs
AUpdate.exe l (Symantec) answersthatwork
Autochk http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AutoDialer x SpywareBlaster
AutoUpdater x http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/ISTbar.html
Aureate x Adware spywareguide
Aureate  x Spybots Spybot-SD
Aureate/Radiate cexx.org
Ausvc.exe ? (?) answersthatwork
AutoChk.exe l (imagineLAN) answersthatwork
AutoSearch  x BHO doxdesk
AvconsoleEXE http://homepage2.nifty.com/winfaq/sysres.html
AVConsol.exe l (McAfee) answersthatwork
Avenue A, Inc.  x Cookies Spybot-SD
AVGCC32.exe l (Grisoft) answersthatwork
AVGCtrl.exe l (H+BEDV Datentechnik gmbH) answersthatwork
AVGServ9.ex l (Grisoft) answersthatwork
AVSynMgr.exe l (McAfee – Network Associates) answersthatwork
AxConfig.dll http://doxdesk.com/parasite/Winupie.html
AXDownload.dll http://doxdesk.com/parasite/MasterDialer.html
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