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What is Dragon's Crystal?

Dragon's Crystal is a puzzle game.

The main characters are two dragons, Hyoga and Magma. Hyoga is a juggling dragon and Magma the oriental dragon is one of his friends. They have to explore a mansion and solve 99 rooms in it.
There are some crystals in the room, and the goal is to collect all of the crystals.

It would be easy if it were just that, but the two dragons would move symmetrically like mirrors in the rooms. Plus, sometimes they make other moves than that........
How many rooms can you clear?

How to play

You can play it at "RPG atsumaru".

You always control Hyoga in this game.
Magma moves after Hyoga, but she moves symmetrically.
As Hyoga moves to the left, Magma moves to the right.
As Hyoga moves to the right, Magma moves to the left.
But the up and down control are moving in the same direction.

* When you use PC
Cursor key......Move
Enter key......Check/Decide
ESC Key......Cancel/Give up(When you are in the rooms.)
Shift Key......Dash(When you are out of the rooms.)/Give up(When you are in the rooms.)

* When you use Smart-phone

Tap the pad icon to display the controller pad.

Four-way pad button......Move

Enter pad button......Check/Decide
Esc pad buttonccCancel/Give up(When you are in the rooms.)

When you are out of the rooms, you can also move by tapping the place you want to move.


Since the game is written in Japanese, I give you the hints you need to solve the puzzles here in English.

You will get a black crystal, if either Hyoga or Magma is on it.
You will get a blue crystal, if both Hyoga and Magma are on it.
You will get red crystals, if Hyoga and Magma each are on another red crystal.
You will get a yellow crystal, if Hyoga is on it.
Magma can't ride on yellow crystals.
You will get a green crystal, if Magma is on it.
Hyoga can't ride on green crystals.

This symbol switches the symmetry of the dragons' movements.
left/right <--> up/down

This symbol switches between symmetry and clockwise rotation of the dragons' movements. During the lower pattern, Magma moves in a 90-degree clockwise direction from Hyoga's movement. For example, when Hyoga moves up, Magma moves to the right.

During the lower pattern, Magma takes one step late from Hyoga's movement and goes in the same direction as Hyoga.
When you ride the light-blue switch, the fences that were in the room is gone and you can go through it.
When you ride the purple switch, bridges appears in the room that you can pass through.
The orange switch allows bridges to appear and pass through only during the ride.
The cracked glass floor can only be ridden once. It won't break unless the dragon moves after the ride, but it will break if the dragon moves from there. Also, if two dragons ride this at the same time, the cracked glass floor will be broken.

All of these gimmicks don't come out all at once, but they come out gradually as you progress through the game, so don't worry and play the game.


You can't just explore the mansion to clear it. But in this game, the messages are all written in Japanese, so in this site, I'll write the solution itself in English, not the hint.

The exploration begins at the entrance, and once you've completed the puzzles, you'll progress to the reception area, patio area, and lair area.
However, clearing the lair as it is will result in a bad ending.
Turn around and go back to the entrance before clearing the last puzzle in the lair. And if you examine where you came into this mansion, there is a key lock.
The number to enter into the key lock (actually, there are some hints that say something like, "Enter the number of barrels at the entrance and the number of wooden chairs in the reception conference room") is a straightforward 88441.

Then, the exploration can proceed to underpasses, theaters, schools, and RPG towns. There are 10 rooms in each area, and you can advance to the next area by clearing the 5 rooms in that area.
From the RPG town, you'll need to unlock the key again to return to the lair, but its number is 423. If you clear it after this, you'll get a good ending.

However, there are still areas beyond the RPG town with more difficult puzzles, and once you've cleared all the rooms in all the areas leading up to the RPG town, you'll be able to move on to the dungeon, treasure house, and casino areas.
If you clear all 99 rooms in the mansion, you will reach the ending of Perfect.

Can I play it free?

Because the game was made with the creator's self-satisfaction, It's completely free from start to finish, without any downloadable content.


Hyoga the Juggling Dragon
Magma the Oriental Dragon

Planning, Map creation, system creation, etc.

Illustration of dragons
Fumiya Akamiya

Graphics of Hyoga's dots, map chips, etc.

Graphics of map chips, icons, etc.

Video clip for PR

Test players

Special thanks

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